Creating Community Through CoSpaces

Now that you’ve ditched the water-cooler gossip and your office cubicle for the freelance life, you may be feeling pretty great compared to your colleagues with their noses to the grind at their 9–5 job. What could be better than working in your PJs, taking your “lunch break” early for that 10am yoga class, or being your own boss? However, after flying solo for a bit, some nostalgia for the camaraderie of an office environment might creep in; but, don’t start sending in those job applications for a new position just yet. Enter the co-working space: your solution to structure your freelance lifestyle and supplement it with a sense of community. Read on for a guide to coworking spaces and how to use them to establish your ideal work-life balance.

The Workspace
When making the decision to ditch your home office and invest your hard-earned freelance income in a coworking space membership, your first step is to evaluate what is necessary for you to complete your work most efficiently. Most of all, a coworking space is a place to work, so take a moment to sign out of your email, close out of your Google calendar, and let your mind reflect: Are you a creature of habit and routine? Can you work in loud, open spaces? Will you smash your coffee cup in outrage if someone interrupts your focus?

As traditional co-working spaces are membership-based, these questions will help you to evaluate what amenities to prioritize for your budget. If you prefer a permanent workspace, you will likely have to pay a higher fee than if you are content to use your laptop in the coworking common area. Coworking spaces automatically offer wifi, but other services like printing, mailing and package handling, booking conference rooms, or using desktop computers often come with a cost. Doing a bit of self-research before getting dazzled by all the swanky office environments and perks in the coworking landscape will help you to maximize what you will get for your membership fee and ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of working in your new coworking home.

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